2015 Meeting

Summary of the 19th Annual ECCR Meeting 2015, Friday 23rd – Sunday 25th October 2015, Poiano, Lake Garda, Italy

The 19th Annual Meeting of the European Council for Cardiovascular Research (ECCR) was held from Friday 23rd – Sunday 25th October 2015 at Poiano, Garda, Italy. Approximately 90 delegates represented the major research active groups in Europe and contributed to a programme noted for its outstanding scientific quality. 

Members of the Council, presenters of critically refereed communications and a number of keynote lecturers contributed to a varied programme of topics. Keynote clinical lectures were given on the subjects of ‘Baroreceptor activation therapy' by Peter de Leeuw (The Netherlands) and ‘Current status of non-pharmacological approaches to treatment of resistant hypertension' by Michel Azizi (France). Moreover, keynote lectures in Basic Science were given by Thomas Unger (Maastricht) on 'The protective arm of RAS' and Diego De Stefani (Italy) on 'Mitochondrial medicine: how to study mitochondrial functions in human cardiovascular diseases.'

In addition, a session was organised in conjunction with the COST-ADMIRE European initiatives with lectures by Natalia Lopez-Andres and Brian Harvey.

The meeting opened with a research workshop on updates on technology within the field of Cardiovascular Research. The session covered; Molecular Medicine, Vascular Research and Hypertension Research; they were highly successful and well attended.

Of the 2015 Annual Meeting submitted abstracts, 18 were accepted for Oral presentations and 42 for Poster Presentations.

We would like to congratulate the following people who all received certificates and prizes for their work, during the 19th Annual Meeting:

Best Oral Presentation per day

Friday 23 October

Christian Aalkjaer
The role of cholinergic receptors for nerve mediated responses of rat mesenteric resistance arteries in vivo

Saturday 24 October

Ana Briones
G protein-coupled receptor kinase 2 mediates aldosterone production from adipocytes in hypertension through reactive oxygen species and COX-2/mPGES-1 derived prostanoids


Winner of the Young Investigators Competition

Azra Alajbegovic
Role of transcription factors MRTFA and GATA6 in phenotypic modulation of vascular smooth muscle cells (VSMCs)


Winners of the Poster Presentations per group

Poster Group 1: Arterial Stiffness and Atherosclerosis

Renata Marietta Bocskei

Is Aortic pulse wave velocity a marker of asymptomatic carotid atherosclerosis?

Poster Group 2: Blood Pressure

Rosa Maria Bruno
Reduced sleep efficiency and increased slle latency are associated with non-dipping pattern in resistant hypertensive patients

Poster Group 3: Cardiovascular Disease

Atlanta Elie
Pericardial fluid adipokine levels and cardiovascular disease patient characteristics

Poster Group 4: Endocrine Hypertension

Paul Emmanuel Vanderriele
Angiotensin-(1-7) peptide is involved in aldosterone and cortisol production in human adrenocortical cell line (NCI-H295)

Poster Group 5: Endothelium

Jesper Bertelsen

AT2-receptor stimulation promotes NO release through eNOS serine 1177 phosphorylation and eNOS tyrosine 657 dephosphorylation

Poster Group 6: Metabolic Aspects of Cardiovascular Disease

Martina Cebova
Maternal obesity "rafting" offspring toward cardiovascular disease: Palmitate exposure in utero causes systolic and vascular dysfunction via modified lipid raft structure

Poster Group 7: Oxidative Stress

Valery Bochkov
Complexity of cellular stress reactions induced in endothelium by oxidized phospholipids

Poster Group 8: Pharmacology

Thomas Leurgans
Vasoconstrictor conditions determine effects of nitric oxide and hydrogen peroxide in cardiovascular disease patients’ pericardial resistance arteries  


Poster Group 9: Renal Biology and Disease

Giovanna Castoldi
Role of Angiotensin Type 2 (AT2) receptor activation in cyclosporine nephropathy

Poster Group 10: Vascular Biology 

Sebastian Albinsson 

The role of miRNA-143/145 for mechanotransduction in vascular smooth muscle


New for 2015 - Upon registering their attendance for the Annual Meeting delegates were asked to state the name of the person who referred them to the meeting. All of these names were automatically added into the raffle and the winning name was chosen in the closing session of the meeting.

The iPad Raffle Winner for the 2015 ECCR Meeting was: Xavier Jeunemaitre who won an iPad Mini 2, 16GB. Congratulations Xavier!

The initiative was taken during the Annual Meeting to encourage friendly relationships and networking among all participants, a notion introduced this year that will be further expanded on next year with specific talks on networking.



Finally we would like to thank all of our sponsors for their generous unconditional support

  • Vicore Pharma
  • MDE
  • DMT
  • Trust Medical
  • Attoquant Diagnostics

We look forward to another successful meeting in Garda next year.

Gian Paolo Rossi

President of ECCR Society