Please contact the Conference secretariat if you would like to submit an abstract: eccr@hamptonmedical.com 


  1. Click on the submission link. Create a new User ID. The system will automatically prompt you with a message to register your details if you have not yet done so.
  2. Enter you name, surname and email and choose a password.
  3. Enter any other personal information such as address, phone number, degrees,
  4. You will be sent an email confirming your password to access the abstract submission system.


  • Please remember that submitting an abstract does NOT automatically register you as a conference delegate. Click here to book your place at this meeting 
  • All communications about your abstract submission will be sent to the email address you submit.
  • We recommend that the user ID and email belong to the main author that will be presenting at the conference.


The conference offers a text-based submission form where you will be required to enter the information regarding your abstract, such as title, authors, biography, etc. Submitting an abstract is a multi-step process, and each step asks several questions:

  1. Locate your abstract file on your computer’s hard disk so you can copy/paste the information easily into the text-based submission form’s fields.
  2. Go to the Oxford Abstract Submission System Log-in page.
  3. Enter your email address and the password you chose when you first registered as a user.
  4. Click the “log in” button and you will be taken to a screen from which the submission process starts.
  5. Please read the instructions on this screen carefully. The abstract submission is a multi-step process. Please follow the steps below and click “Next” to go to the next page.


Enter the title and abstract text, by either copy/pasting from your word file or typing in the information. Remember there is a 50 word limit for the title, and 250 word limit for the text. Click “Next” to continue.

  • TITLE (MAX. 50 WORDS): The title should be as brief as possible but long enough to indicate clearly the nature of the abstract. If you wish to include a subtitle, it must be included in this field and included in the 50 word limit.
  • ABSTRACT (MAX. 250 WORDS): Any abstracts exceeding the word limit will not be accepted.
  • References are not required. If you wish to include them, they must be included in the body of your text and included in the 250 word count.
  • Special Symbols and Formatting are to be used sparingly. Once your submission is complete, please read your abstract in full to ensure the symbols are displayed correctly, and if not, please click on the “Insert Symbol” icon on the screen to see the list of available symbols.
  • Please do not include any author names in the title of the abstract to allow blind reviewing. 
  • Do not use tables or figures.
  • Proposed studies/presentations should be significantly advanced or completed at the time of abstract submission.

ENTER information about the authors and affiliations. Click “Next” to continue.

  • AUTHORS: You MUST enter the names of all authors here (including yourself if you are an author) in the order in which you wish them to appear in the printed text. Names omitted here will NOT be printed in the author index or the final program. Please ensure the spelling of their names and affiliations is correct.
  • PRESENTERS: The system will only allow you to nominate one presenter, which can be yourself (the person submitting the abstract) or any of the other authors.


Enter information about your abstract. Click “Finish” to confirm and finalise your submission.

  • PRESENTATION FORMAT: Please note that if you select “Poster Only” or “Oral Only”, your abstract will only be accepted on your chosen preference only. If you wish to be considered for a POSTER if your abstract is not selected as a oral, please choose the ‘PAPER OR POSTER’ OPTION


If you have answered all the mandatory questions then your abstract will be assigned a reference number and you will be taken to a summary page.

  • REQUIRED FIELDS: Some fields are marked “Required”. The system will not accept your abstract until these questions have been answered. If you have not answered all the mandatory questions, your abstract will be held in temporary storage until you return later and complete all the questions.
  • WORD LIMIT:Please note the system will not accept fields that exceed the word limit, and will not allow you to continue until the word limit is met. Check all the details on the summary page are correct, print or save this page and click “Next”. Or, click on the “Back ←” to make any changes.

You will be sent a confirmation email with your submission reference number.


If you are submitting more than one abstract, please use the same email address and password for each abstract. Please follow the same steps as above.


You may wish to change your answers to some of the questions on the submission form, or even to change the abstract file itself.

  1. Log back into the submission system.
  2. You will see the list of abstracts that you have submitted so far. Click on the abstract that you wish to change.
  3. Edit the fields you want to change. The process of amending an abstract is the same as the original submission process, except that the fields will already be populated with your previous entries – you don’t have to change an answer if you don’t want to.
  4. Click “Finish”
  5. You will be sent an email confirming that your abstract has been amended – provided you have answered all the mandatory questions.